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Little Eyes, Little Ears...
January 15, 2019, 7:00 AM

by Ashley Cruce

The other day as I put the "Look Up Child" – Lauren Daigle CD in my car and I heard the sweet voice of Lauren singing EVERY SINGLE WORD to EVERY SINGLE SONG on that CD, and my heart was overjoyed.  I love Lauren Daigle music myself, the words of her songs, they touch my heart, they make me think and to hear the voice of my 5 year old little girl sing the words of very powerful songs each and every day as we ride in the car.  I want to cry happy tears of course, and if she only knew what those words mean and the power behind them.
Then as we are almost home she says to me, “ Momma what is your favorite song on the CD?” and I said  “Everything” then Lauren asked “Why?” and I told her exactly why, we’ve always been truthful and I have always told her like it is ,so to speak, and I said, “Because the words she says here “When I am lost you find me, When I am weak you are mighty” has such a powerful meaning,  to me and when you get older you will understand just what it means.” Her sweet voice says, “Yeah Momma I don’t know all of that stuff yet, but I sure do know that all of these songs are beautiful because they are about God & Jesus so one day when I’m a big girl I will know.”

I was driving down the road as she said this to me, tears pouring down my eyes that my little 5-year-old daughter knows how important Jesus is to her! I can’t tell you how many times I think to myself, am I doing things right?  Can I do more? Does she see all of my failures? Does she understand what I tell her? Then she says this!!
Of course she sees me fail, but it’s not about that, it’s about what they see when we excel & how we show thanks for that!! Who do we thank?  We should be thanking Jesus for that blessing or safety and so forth. Do I show her that always? No, I try but I fail at that too. It’s our nature to fail,  it’s who we are, we are not perfect, we can’t be, God placed one perfect man on this Earth for us alone!
I doubt myself each day and then God always steps up and shows me he’s so much more powerful than me and shows me Jesus through Lauren’s eyes and for that I’m so very thankful!
Teaching the little ones at church is my calling and this same thing happens each and every Sunday or Wednesday and I am so amazed at what they remember & hearing them tell me the story instead of me is so rewarding! They listen, they watch every single move we make, & this moment in the car with her made me want to to do even better. I want to set a better example for her because those Little Eyes & Little Ears take it all in!!



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