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Not our plans but His!
October 22, 2018, 2:23 PM

by Ashley Cruce   

As I prayed over what God would have me to write over the last few weeks, I found myself with nothing. Then as I sat in prayer the other night all i could think of was this verse, I kept going back and forth with Jeremiah 29:11 (one of my favorite verses).




It’s a well known verse but As I read the chapter of Jeremiah 29 I had no idea what the surrounding verses said.I encourage you to as well, what you will find is that sometimes welfare and hope aren’t what we think they should be. This chapter was written to people in exile.  

They had been ripped from their, homes, children, families, & didn’t know where they were. They weren’t really in what I call a hopeful situation.  


It’s hard to be hopeful in a bad situation, I don’t know about you but I struggle with this. It’s what God wants he wants us to have hope and faithfulness no matter what obstacle life throws at us!

When you read those verse and see what this was truly about it made me think about God’s plans for me and my life! We don’t know what that plans are. We could find out in 10, 20, 50 years, or we could find out tomorrow.  We don’t know!



Sure it would be great to know now but that’s just not how it works, everything is in God’s time it’s all apart of his plan! Sometimes his plan doesn’t go as we plan or think it should and it’s so hard to understand (at least for me it is!).  I’ve found myself asking why is this happening as I watched my baby girl cry in pain from a ruptured appendix at age 3 that I could do nothing about… this verse came to mind then as it has many times when i questioned God’s plan! I still am not sure why that was part of God’s plan for my 3 year old baby girl but I know that God got us thru it because we relied on him we prayed over her & God is good!

I don’t know what the future holds or me or you. Neither do you. We’re constantly going through life making plans and setting goals (or at least I am). That’s great! But deep down, we all have fears about the future or at least most of us do.

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