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VBS Is For Everyone!
August 4, 2019, 3:00 PM

by Ashley Cruce

If I had told me 6 years ago before we joined this Church that I would one day have a desire to lead a VBS (with a microphone) or even behind the scenes I would have never believed it, not for one second. It's funny how God works!

I may not seem like it but standing in front of people with a mic is way out of my comfort zone (I know some of you are thinking how can this be? But it's true!!), it was much easier this year... as I filled in back in 2016, that was terrifying for me, this year was much easier. I actually unexpectedly looked forward to it. That year in 2016 I was scared and nervous and unexpectedly from that moment have desired to do that again, & for that, I am so thankful! I wasn't nervous this year and even had an amazing partner, thanks Lindsey!! We had so much fun together. 

We all had a blast planning and getting it all together! I love how God will give you a task when he thinks you're ready not when you decide you are & from that you receive an enormous unexpected blessing!

The past 2 years all 4 of us shared a classroom at VBS & this year we shared the stage!

Working as directors this year was so much fun with these ladies, not only have we grown closer as friends and women in Christ this past year, we also became passionate about something together. With new ideas for the coming YEARS. We can't wait to get started planning!


We had stressful moments! The devil even showed up on night 1 as the DVD didn't work and we had to youtube all the things and even use a few phone hotspots to get it all going. But in the end, we got it all worked out and won (thanks Brandon B). We had 3 men saved during VBS, we had record numbers with 80 children on Wednesday night! We had over 60 adults show up and help or just come to fellowship which is so great to see those there to support and be apart of VBS! 

We even had some fun behind the scenes... the face of VBS had a fun scene set up each night!


Our kitchen crew cooked amazing meals before we even got started for the night thank you, ladies, for getting there early so we could all eat beforehand! Thank you to each and every volunteer that passed out flyers, helped decorate, served, taught a station, crew leaders, those that took care of the nursery, and those that came to fellowship, each and everyone one of you that prayed for VBS, & to all the parents who brought your children so we could share the amazing love of Jesus with them!! I love that our church always shows up when the doors are open to help!! I really wish we got a full stage picture of all the kids and workers, but maybe next year we can! In the meantime, this will have to work!!


Thank you to Lindsey, Joy, & Lacey! You ladies rock we make a great team and I look forward to taking on VBS with you next year!


In case you wondered the girls won the offering challenge so… someone had to get silly string!


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