Thank You


Thank you, Church family, for the many ways you have supported me during my recent surgery and ongoing recovery.  The calls, texts, cards, food, visits, flowers, gifts, and especially your prayers have meant so much.  You have certainly been supportive, and I'm grateful.  May the Lord bless you for what you've done.


Easter Celebration


Join us on Sunday, April 5th for a fellowship potluck after the morning worship service and Easter egg hunt to follow.  Two sign up sheets for food are located on the table in the back of the sanctuary.  The Church will provide bread.  In lieu of candy for the Easter egg hunt, monetary donations are being requested for the purchase of eggs and candy.  Please place donations in a tithing envelope and mark - Easter Egg.  If you have any questions please contact Felecia Shepherd or Joy Stringfellow.

Silk Easter Lilies


If you wish to donate a silk Easter Lily, place your order by completing the requested information on an order envelope and enclose payment.  The cost is $35 each.  Forms and envelopes are on the table in the back of the Sanctuary.  The deadline for ordering is Sunday, April 5th.

Children K - 5th Grade Jerusalem Project


The deadline to sign up is April the 26th.  If your child is not signed up by April the 26th, they will not be eligible to participate or receive a T-shirt.  If your child is undecided, it would be best to sign up in order to ensure there are enough adults to help with their particular age group and also to order adequate t-shirts.  There are sign-up sheets located on the table in the back of the Sanctuary.

Thank You for letting your child be a part of the Jerusalem Project.

Debbie Carter

Jerusalem Project


SEARK Baptist Teen Mission Project

Youth grades 6th - 12th

(Sunday Afternoon, June 14th, through Friday Morning, June 19th)

The following steps and documentation are to be completed for each person attending the mission project:

  1. All registration forms for the youth who will have completed one of grades 6th - 12th by summer 2020.
  2. All adult volunteer applications must be received no later than May 1, 2020. (All forms must be notarized)
  3. A personal background check must be sent in with all adult volunteer applications.  If your Church already performs background checks, those will be accepted for this event.  Background checks can be obtained online.

Free Background checks are obtainable online at

Background checks can take up to three business days to complete.  Once completed include a printed copy with your registration to be mailed.

We are very excited about seeing God move with the SEARK area.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Bro. Gary Carter or Bro. David Jacks.

All registration forms and volunteer applications are to be mailed to:

Shady Grove Baptist Church, 111 Highway 172, Monticello, AR 71655

All forms for the youth and adult volunteers are located on the display table in the back of the sanctuary.

Click Here to learn more.